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 New Rule - Avatar and Signature Size

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PostSubject: New Rule - Avatar and Signature Size   Mon Sep 19, 2011 11:56 am

So, with the new design basically finished now, I've decided to add a rule to the rules, which can be found here, or by clicking 'rules+faq' at the top of every page.

The new rule is:
6 ) When it comes to having avatars and signatures, they're great fun and allow you to show off pictures. But keep them within the rules! Signatures should be no wider than 700px and no taller than 250px per picture (lines of text are allowed as well). Avatars can be no wider than 150px and no taller than 200px. This helps keep the forum looking normal and tidy for everyone! Also, please refrain from posting images in either your signature or avatar that are offensive, or are an attack on another person, member or not.

Basically, keep your avatars 150x200px max, and your signatures 700x250px max, per picture/line. If you have a bigger signature you might have noticed I have shrunk some recently, to make the forum look nicer. Its just shrunk with a simple html img tag, with width used to shrink it. If you google w3schools you should be able to find all you need on how to do this to your own images. happy

Hope you guys see this is fair, have fun everyone happy

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New Rule - Avatar and Signature Size

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