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 Been a while.

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PostSubject: Been a while.   Tue Oct 03, 2017 2:34 am


No clue if anyone remembers me, "MrElliottBlock" probably best known for being a good friend of Rory's "Toebex" and being an idiot.

(Old account is banned for a reason I probably deserved back in the day. lol)

Apologies if there is posts like this, just wanted to find out who is still about from the good old days.

I'm aware of how dead this scene is now and it's a shame as it used to be really great, I think it was around 2011 ish I remember being a great time for fbing or at least for myself. I sometimes do miss the YouTube content from all the mates I made doing it, I'm not interested in Instagram vids if that's where it has gone, It's not creative enough imo, but can respect people still doing it.  

Funnily enough I was messing about the other day picking my fb up after a crazy long time away from it, I'm still in my eyes as good as I was, still able to do everything I could in my "prime" (lmfao) just don't have the drive to do it like I used to. I am 99% sure I won't post another video, I remember taking all my fb vids down on my channel a long time ago, I don't remember the reason for it.

I'm not really back, I just miss the good times every now and then. I lost interest as everyone faded away and fbing sort of lost the cool it had. I'm still in contact with a few old fb buds, I think I remember speaking to Xi this year which was nice. I MISS YOU Xi! Funnily enough, I nearly convinced myself and Rory to make another video this year but the idea of it didn't seem good.

Few shoutouts to people who I remember I used to fb with to end this random 3 am shitpost- Rory, Xi, Rafi, Linus H, Harry Yeates, Harry McCann, Nathan B, Matt, Henry, Jack N, Billy M - there's plenty more but It's 3 am, that's my excuse.

I love you
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Been a while.

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