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 Can some recommend me a brand?

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FBHQ Beginner
FBHQ Beginner

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PostSubject: Can some recommend me a brand?   Thu Nov 06, 2014 3:26 pm

Hi, I currently have a 4 corners fingerboard and a star fingerboarding fingerboard. I am looking for a similar brand, something about 20-35$ as I am still fairly new to fingerboarding. Curious what other brands are comparable to those two.
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Joe Connelly
FBHQ Regular
FBHQ Regular

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PostSubject: Re: Can some recommend me a brand?   Thu Nov 06, 2014 4:46 pm

this should really be posted somewhere else, like the fingerboard discussion and news board. tho i will answer your question in that youre better off saving some more money and getting a legit setup from one of the companys in the banner above if youre serious about fingerboarding. otherwise, if youre looking for a complete setup, companies in your price range offer practically the same generic/crappy stuff just branded under different names.

do some looking around, and choose for yourself. everyone swears by one company or another, it's all preference. good luck man

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FBHQ Beginner
FBHQ Beginner

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PostSubject: Re: Can some recommend me a brand?   Sat Nov 08, 2014 12:41 am

This is kinda the wrong section, but if you already are willing to spend 30, but you have cHina completes, then I suggest you use all 30 bux on a good deck. There are good decks out there for well under 30 too. Then use your china hardware til u can save some more money.

I just got a redemption deck, and I plan on posting a quick overview of it. It was 24 dollars. Also, roswell fb has decent completes (actual decks are not china, except for their extreme shaped mold maybe). And, trivium fb has good cheap decks, but they might have sold out since they are going out of business (big sale happening).

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Can some recommend me a brand?

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