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 Airflo Rails brief Haitus

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Blossoming FBHQer

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PostSubject: Airflo Rails brief Haitus   Sun Nov 02, 2014 12:43 am

Hey Everyone, How's it going?!?

Sorry for lack of a formal update as to where Airflo Rails has been. I have mentioned it on my website and various social media pages, however I never formally addressed where Airflo has been. My first year of college I rented a garage near my dorm room that I shared with a few friends, and last year I had a 2 car garage to myself with the rental house I had at college. In between then I was operating Airflo Out of my parents house and my permanent residence. Unfortunately, this semester I was forced to take any housing I could get since this is my last semester and 1 semester leases are hard to come by. Therefore, I have not had a garage at or near my college house to operate Airflo, not to mention I'm always in the classroom Monday-Thursday pretty much, so I would have hardly any time regardless.

Anyway, This is just a quick little post to say I'll be back Once I graduate! I actually plan on building a bunch of rails on my Thanksgiving break (November 26th- December 1st) as well as a week off I have between my classes ending and Commencement early-mid December. After all of this, I will be operating Airflo better than ever, depending on my work schedule of course!

If anyone is interested, I am on track to be a CNC programmer/machinist/tool & die maker once I graduate. I have already had several interviews, so it will really depend on where I am working related to how many rails I can make. I also plan on just having pre-made stocks on my site similar to how Chris from beast pants does on his site. (I realize my stuff won't sell out the way his does, haha) I will always be still making custom rails, and have the ability to draft in Auto-CAD and then print to scale and bend various rails to the template.

I would also like to say a special thanks to anyone who "likes" Airflo on Facebook, we just hit 2000 likes!

Anyway, I will be seeing some of you at this coming Rendezvous in a few weeks!


Airflo Rails- www.airflorails.com -Get yours today!

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Airflo Rails brief Haitus

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