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 : Newcomers' Guide to (not) Bumping Threads

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Mikkel S

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PostSubject: : Newcomers' Guide to (not) Bumping Threads   Tue Dec 03, 2013 6:04 pm

If there is one way that you are sure to piss off a mod or two, it is bumping posts for no reason.
It is our job as mods to keep the forum neat and clean, so when bumping happens, we are the ones who clean up after it.

Not all bumping is bad. There are legal ways to do it, for example if you post something of value to the thread, or the thread is still relevant.
But most bumps are annoying as fuck. There is one way of bumping that I would like to draw attention to, because it is the worst of them all.
The "what he said"-bump or short, the "x2"-bump. I know a lot of people on here that thinks those kinds of comments shouldn't be allowed, even if they weren't bumps, but so far there are no rules about that.

Anyway, lets get back to the main issue with bumping. Mods having to work.
Whenever a thread is bumped without proper reason, there are two possible outcomes.
1) a mod posts in the thread telling people not to bump, and then locks the thread.
2) a mod deletes the bump post and every post made after, one by one.

This leads to another thing. There is one kind of people that are worse than bumpers. One kind of people that mods passionately hate most of any. They a called the "lets spam in a thread that got bumped"-users and no one likes them.

Seriously though, it is hella annoying when some been bumps a thread, that you have to delete 6 posts instead of just one, so if you see a bumped post, either report it or ignore it.

I think that was all. Thanks.


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: Newcomers' Guide to (not) Bumping Threads

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